Will Richardson - How to be in line with net-zero target of 1.5°C with this little known initiative


Will Richardson is the CEO and founder of Green Element, a forward thinking environmental management consultancy. 

In this episode, we talk about SBTi, Science Based Target Initiative, a little known initiative that will ensure your company be inline with the net-zero target of 1.5°C. This is an important initiative for businesses small and large to become more sustainable and demonstrate you are taking climate action.

Key highlights:

  • Why businesses need to be more impact driven
  • How has the corporate sustainability evolved
  • Being a B-corp
  • What is the Science Based Targets Initiative and why do it
  • What are the 3 scopes of carbon emmisions
  • Sustainable Business Podcast by Green Element
  • What is the Green Element Academy and who is it for

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