Will Richardson - How to be in line with net-zero target of 1.5°C with this little known initiative


Will Richardson is the CEO and founder of Green Element, a forward thinking environmental management consultancy. 

In this episode, we talk about SBTi, Science Based Target Initiative, a little known initiative that will ensure your company be inline with the net-zero target of 1.5°C. This is an important initiative for businesses small and large to become more sustainable and demonstrate you are taking climate action.

Key highlights:

  • Why businesses need to be more impact driven
  • How has the corporate sustainability evolved
  • Being a B-corp
  • What is the Science Based Targets Initiative and why do it
  • What are the 3 scopes of carbon emmisions
  • Sustainable Business Podcast by Green Element
  • What is the Green Element Academy and who is it for

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Episode 13 · 1 month ago

Kat Luckock - What's a social enterprise and how you can be one too?

Kat Luckock, Social Entrepreneurs Coach and Impact Strategist, founder of ShareImpact talks to us about what makes a social enterprise and how you can become one.

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Episode 12 · 1 month ago

Kathleen Hamilton - Revolutionising education with GeniusU

Kathleen Hamilton is Head of Product at GeniusU, a global ed-tech platform making entrepreneur education available and revolutionising the education industry. She is also founder of the purposeful work community.

Key Highlights:

  • What is the GeniusU platform and how to use it
  • Why the education system needs to change
  • How to be a digital nomad, start remote working and be location independant
  • Why you now is the time to learn how to do remove working
  • #1 tip on how to be more purpose and impact driven

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Ikigaia Podcast 

Episode 11 · 1 month ago

Dan Watson - How you can catch the right fish

Dan Watson is the CEO and cofounder of SafetyNet Technologies, an award wining tech company making fishing more sustainable.

Key highlights:

  • Out of sight is out of mind.
  • Importance of using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework for entrepreneurs.
  • Why entrepreneurs are attracted to SDGs.
  • Awareness around - SDG14 - Life below water
  • How they are taking the guess work out of fishing with precision fishing.
  • Importance of improving your luck coefficient and having co-founders
  • Advice on becoming a better entrepreneur that has nothing to do with your business, but everything to do with how you show up.

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SafetyNet Technologies 


Episode 10 · 1 month ago

Kyron Gosse - The single biggest question to create your big impact

Kyron Gosse is a changemaker, social entrepreneur and founder of GoTiny.co a pioneer in the tiny house movement. Kyron talks about the number one mistake most entrepreneurs make and the lessons learned in his journey inspiring more people to unleash their awesomeness and freedom through real estate and property.

Key highlights:

  1. Lesson from a Kenyan bee farmer on a B1G1 study trip
  2. Why tiny house and the future of coworking and coliving
  3. Number one mistake impact entrepreneurs make

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