Impact Goal Rush
Impact Goal Rush

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Impact Goal Rush - Season 1 - Trailer - S1E0


Welcome to the Impact Goal Rush.

I'm your host Woon Tan. 

I can't wait for you to meet some of our amazing guests and be inspired by them!

Launching on 9th Dec 2020.

Hello, my friends, you're listening to the Impact Gold Rush. This is the podcast for impact entrepreneurs. This podcast aims to amplify voices of impact entrepreneurs addressing the United Nations Global Goals, aka The Sustainable Development Goals. Listen in to fellow impact entrepreneurs in their journey. in this new "gold rush" of making a bigger impact. I'm your host and my name is Woon Tan. I'm the founder of Podcast Publishing, and I'm on a mission to help a thousand fellow impact entrepreneurs to launch and grow your podcast. Well, if you're wondering why is this podcast called the Impact Gold Rush? Well, time is of the essence right? I think it's a gold rush, we've got a lot to do. These are some of the biggest problems that we face as a society from healthcare to education, to environment, clean energy, clean water, ending poverty, even reducing inequality and the worlds biggest problems are not just the biggest opportunities they are the biggest obligations we have for the future of humanity.

This is a weekly show where I'll be talking to successful impact entrepreneurs. So listen in to get inspired to learn how through impact entrepreneurship, you can grow your impact to make a world a better place, leave a legacy and live a more meaningful life. Also, every time you listen to an episode of Impact Gold Rush, we will be giving children with hearing impairment a days worth of education through the B1G1, giving initiative. So just by listening to the podcast you already making a difference we are launching on the ninth of December, so see you on this podcast.

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