Impact Goal Rush
Impact Goal Rush

Episode 6 · 2 years ago

Pete Cohen - Creating a life by design


Pete Cohen explains how entrepreneurs can take steps to create bigger impact through living by design, connecting with a billionaire podcast guest and the key to consistently be podcasting.

Allo and welcome to the impeg rush podcast. My name is windtime and in this episode we have Pete Cohen. Pete is a he's a longtime podcaster and author of eighteen books. Pete's going to be reviewing some of his experience working with done of the most successful people on the planet and he shares a funny story of a billionaire podcast guests that actually has a company going outside of this planet to extract resources on the wood. So listening to this episode, Hope So. Welcome to the impact goal rush podcast. You know. So one of the things that I know that you do is you help a lot of entrepreneurs to be more impactful. Could you share a bit about what's your top advice for people who want to make a bigger difference? So if you want to go and look what the dictionary says, seems to come from French word meaning a risk taker. But then if you ask most entrepreneurs they wouldn't tell you that it's about risk. If you really dissected it. A real entrepreneur has nothing to do with risk. It's you've got a calling, there's something... have to do and that's where it comes from. It it's actually comes from the Sanscript, a Sanskrit word which means there's there's something in you, there's a calling, a burning desire, something you've got to do and you have to do it, and that means you're an entrepreneur, because no one else is doing what you're doing because they're not you. So I don't know whether that answers your question, but ultimately my advice to an entrepreneurs find what really makes you come alive and and do it. You preach people to really designed your life. Could you share a bit about, you know, how help people can take some steps to its debt. In answer to your question, success always leaves clues. And Lots of these people like Jim Rown and Tony Robbins, and I'll tell you that success leaves clues. Well, how you're going to find out what those clues are? You got to ask, you got to be curious enough to try and work it out. And you know, today was an amazing day. It's still an amazing day, but we had, you know, a billionaire Nevin coming to see us, O...

...coming to see us. He wasn't traveling. We were going to do a zoom with wound wound on zoom and he couldn't make it because he's had a fire on his island in the British Virgin Islands. And you listen to him talk, he will he talks about again, success leaves clues, find out why people's pain is and find a solution to the pain that people have. And I knew that, but when I heard him say that yesterday I thought, Oh yeah, that's how you changed the world, right. I love that that he's able to mix such a big difference to the world. It's go and study him, I mean, you know, I mean go and listen and if you really want to understand, if you can be really bothered, which I don't think most people can, for that's a not maybe another conversation. But you know, he's been on loads of podcast I heard him on the School of greatness and I'm entrepreneurial enough to know. So I want to thanks to you actually, because you've actually really helped me with my podcast.

I thought you was like car pushing me, so I thought I'm going to pick some people on, I'm going to interview him, and now it didn't come off today. But you know, if you've got an island, if you've got an island you've got fire on it, then I kind of it's okay. You know he wants to Rebook, but I'm so excited about him because it's not because he's a billionaire. I mean, that's nice, but if you listen to him and you find out what really makes him tick, what makes him tick is making his children tick. He wants his children to have more of an impact than he has and he's got some big goals. You know. He's got the rights to mine on the Moon, you know. So we've got to get Woun and the moon so funny. And that's the other thing about entrepreneurs. You you have to have a sense. I don't think it. What if I didn't have a sense of humor, I'd I'd be in trouble. So, Pete, one of the things that you've been doing is you've been doing the audio radio and your own podcast for five years. Could you share a bit about your experience? What what keeps... Multivita? What inspires you? Why? Why do you keep doing it? It's such a good question because I could give you countless examples of things I've done which I've stopped. You know, I've started and done for a bit but you know, yeah, it was two thousand and sixteen January where I started the my three, six five podcast and we've done pretty much an APP said every single week. I don't actually know exactly what keeps me going, but I just like it. I like the fact of just talking and the fact that someone might listen and they might take something away, plus the fact I've interviewed some pretty amazing people as well. So we've all got a story to tell, right. Well, why do you like podcasting so much? What you know? What? Why? The all the things you could do. Why podcasting? It's such an interesting medium. I think for me is about learning and being able to connect with people who are much more successful than me, people who are making a big, good difference than me. I think that really inspires me because I like video. I like Youtube more...

...than facebook, you know, in terms of watching good content. But the thing I like about podcast, I mean we're filming this, but the thing I like about podcast is that you have to engage some senses that like basically say you, because I have to picture what someone is saying. You have to use different parts of your imagination. But yeah, I think before we know everyone in the world might have a podcast. Awesome. So, for for people who want to reach out to you, Pete, what's the best way and where are you hanging out? where? It really depends what people want. So they can check out the PODCASTS, they can listen to five hundred episode. I know that a four hundred episode a lot of episodes if they want, but if people really want to look at where they are right now, our in terms of goals, everything we do is for for an outcome and aim, a goal, a we are Goldie and orientated creatures and I think the root of dissatisfaction for most peoples they're not advancing. So we've...

...created something that people can check out as called got. It's at goals dot m three hundred and six five dot me. It shows you where you are with your goals, how likely you are to achieve them and some practical steps that people can take to make progress, because that's what we're here to do right. So thank you very much, Pete. No, thank you, I want to carry on, but maybe another time, maybe I'll get you on my podcast. Yes, so that was Pete Cohen of my three, six five podcast. Thank you very much for listening to the end and if you would like to support the podcast. Please do livers a rating and review on Epi podcast, because this would help us get this podcast to a wider audience. For the next episode, were going to have Paul done of bg one, and if you've never met Paul or seen him present, oh my gosh, you have to see him. He's one of the most inspiring person and he's actually the CO founder and chairman of Bondu and the buy one, give one platform, which I'm actually a put off and it's so interesting how...

...he talks about impact and why we are all sort of heating towards this, this kickoff of the impact go rush yet tune into the next episode.

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