Kat Luckock - What's a social enterprise and how you can be one too?


Kat Luckock, Social Entrepreneurs Coach and Impact Strategist, founder of ShareImpact talks to us about what makes a social enterprise and how you can become one.

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Episode 1 · 2 months ago

Sammy Blindell - The more flow the bigger the impact

In this episode, Sammy Blindell talks about her experience as an impact entrepreneur learning the keys to creating bigger impact.

Sammy Blindell is the founder of How To Build A Brand and the One Drop Movement.

Episode 0 · 2 months ago

Impact Goal Rush - Season 1 - Trailer - S1E0

Welcome to the Impact Goal Rush.

I'm your host Woon Tan. 

I can't wait for you to meet some of our amazing guests and be inspired by them!

Launching on 9th Dec 2020.