Impact Goal Rush
Impact Goal Rush

Episode 20 · 6 months ago

Francesco Cara - Digital Innovation For Sustainability


Francesco Cara is a serial entrepreneur and an academic. He teaches digital innovation in sustainability at the IED Milan, Institute of Design in Milan and he shares his observation of why innovation in sustainability is growing exponentially and how some of the technology is becoming mainstream. 

Francesco also talks about the If You Want To platform, a project where I had the opportunity to be a part of his team when we built a platform curating sustainable digital solutions.

You can find Francesco's work here:

Time Stamps

[1:33] What Francesco teaches his students at the European Design Institute

[5:18] Role of students in sustainability

[6:30] The If You Want To project

[9:19] Business model issues with the project

[11:55] What has changed in the last five years in the green technology and sustainability space

[17:11] The question of shortage of funds or shortage of entrepreneurs

[18:49] Example of sustainability entrepreneurship - Rifò

[22:03] Franceso’s advice for podcast listeners

[26:21] How to get in touch with Francesco  

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