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Episode 21 · 8 months ago

Dr Pooch - Creator of the Get Well Johnny Books talks Holistic Health


Author of the Get Well Johnny Book series, Dr Pooch is a holistic health education expert. In this episode he talks about his journey writing and creating this series of kids education book for holistic health.

The Get Well Johnny books are a perfect way to introduce holistic health to children K-3rd grade. With childhood obesity at an all time high and diabetes a common ailment, health literacy is the best form of medicine and prevention for our children today and generations to come.

Health literacy is not taught in schools, so reading the Get Well Johnny books, children become more aware of the innate goodness of natural products. Whether at home or an academic environment, holistic health literacy reminds adults of what children inherently know: health is wealth.

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Time Stamps

[1:50] Twelve children’s books that cover important health topics

[2:57] Importance of health literacy

[3:48] Lack of nutritional knowledge in mainstream health practitioners

[5:00] The underlying issues of ill health in children

[6:00] The idea behind the books and purpose

[9:29] The response to the books

[12:18] Dr Pooch’e advice for bringing ideas to life

[13:59] Vision for the book series

How to get kids and adults to eat morehealthy with holistic health education expert and author of the "Get Well,Johnny" books, we have Dr Pooch in this episode. Hello and welcome to the impactGoal Rush Podcast. This is the podcast for impact Entrepreneurs. This podcast aimsto amplify the voices of impact entrepreneurs addressing the UnitedNations Global goals, AKA The Sustainable development goals. Listen in to fellowimpact entrepreneurs on their journey in this new goal rush of making abigger impact. Get inspired to learn how, through entrepreneurship, you can growyour impact and make the world a better place, leave a legacy and live a moremeaningful life. I'm your host, Woon Tan. If you've missed the previous episode,we had Francesco Cara talk to us about his experience working with the nextgeneration of entrepreneurs in digital innovation and sustainability,Francesco talked about his observations of changes taking place in the marketsince building if you want to an early platform curating clean eb,Sustainable lifestyle digital innovation solutions. Here's myconversation with Dr Pooch. Welcome to another episode of theImpact Goal Rush podcast. With me today I've got Dr Pooch of Doctor Pooch is also the founder of The Doctor Pooch Foundation, andhe's got a series of books called the "Get Well Johnny" books that he'sputting together, and we're gonna be talking about how he is making adifference in providing education for kids early holistic health care,education. So welcome to the show. Thank you Woon. Thank you for having me. So, Dr Pooch, what is it that you have put together? Could you explain to us whatyou have got on offer? Well, uh, premier product is the "Get WellJourney 12". It comprises of 12 children's books that cover themost important holistic health topics...

...imaginable in a fun, holistic way.They're broken down so easily that a child can understand them. And I'mtalking about things like I have a book called "Inflammation" uh, "InflammationNation", that covers, you know, obviously information on anti-inflammatory foods.So it's, it's, something that a doctor could use with their potentialpatients in regards to their nutrition and how they're addressing theirinflammatory illness. So, it's just, something so, so simple to all of thesecomplex issues regarding holistic health, sugar and salt are big issues,so I you know, it's, I bring it to the forefront and create stories aroundthese concepts, I create games and activities that children can go homewith and interact in a fun way with their own parents and talk about thesethings. The most important thing right now, I think it's just talk aboutholistic health subjects. So we all become more health literate. I like theconcept. Health literate. So one of the books. I'm just reading out the title ofthe book. You're so you've got Sugar from "Nature is Always Fine". Yeah, as opposed to refined. Yeah, "Wholefood is Better" So keep it together. Yeah, "HeStood up for Himself". Yeah, he stood up for himself. Yeah, that book is aboutbullying. And then you got "Where does all the water go?" Yep, I wonder all that water knows. And then you have "Super Foods are Super Fun". Yeah,they're super good for everyone. Yeah, So they are the kind of the books and youcan kind of get the idea how, how interesting and exciting that book isfor kids. Right? So you mentioned the level of education that we are sort ofreceiving. Why is it that kids are not taught these in the wider mainstream?Okay, let me just say this: If you...

...talking about "Super Foods are Super Fun",if you ask the doctor what their favourite superfoods are, they probablywould say broccoli, kale, spinach and maybe a sigh or some other comment.Superfood. But you know, broccoli, kale and spinach are not necessarily superfoods. So we're at a disadvantage that even the medical system, the medicaleducation, has focused very little on nutritional knowledge or hold, you know,even, even holistic health concepts. So they just learn about the variousnames of diseases, as I kind of I'm kind of poking at that in the, in thatbook "Inflammation Nation", really identifying what inflammation is,because we have hundreds of names for diseases, right? I mean, we're at thispoint right now, everybody's sick. There's a name for every type ofillness around. But what's going on? What's the underlying issue? It's sometype of inflammatory disease somewhere in the body, some kind of chronic illnessis continuing, and so the only true way to address that is through properlifestyle choice, right? So the holistic approach and so imagine ageneration of children understanding these basic nutritional, let alone a doctor,imagine the children understanding this fundamentally, like, who will they becomeas the next generation of doctors, as the next generation of teachers andparents, and, you know, so we're at a real turning point where the childrenhave to learn concepts that we may not have learned during our youth or, youknow, even adolescence. It isn't and hasn't been part of the commoncurriculum. With the books that you have created. Could you share this? Howhas the journey being? Because it's been a journey, I know, I'm pretty sure,and , like, could you share? How did you...

...start, you know, what was the triggerbehind the idea of these books? And how was the process in creating that? Yeah. So I wrote all of these books in2012, probably. They just started coming to me one by one. I wasfollowing a school tour, I was working with a potential business partner atthe time. When we're trying to find, we had both graduated, well, I graduatedfirst out of a certified programme for holistic health coaching squads goingout into my community and just holding conversation. I will go to a park anddifferent young men around my age would come every Friday and we would talkabout holistic health concepts, and I would lead the discussion and, youknow, that grew into some type of entrepreneurial spirit. And, you know,I'll save you the drama. Everything comes with drama and trials andtribulations and just craziness. But eventually this idea of reaching kidscame into fruition, and it's always been part of my dream to writechildren's books. I had already gotten the intuition years prior to that,maybe like a year or two prior to that, with the character and this character ofJohnny Moustache, who we now know is Get Well Johnny. This came into my mindand so, slowly the universe was just giving me downloads of what Ineeded to do. And I just became the character of Dr Pooch, Dr Pooch is achildhood nickname, and I just embodied everything that I loved. To this day,I'm a songwriter. I've written for many different groups, and so I suppliedthat passion for writing. I applied my passion for health, and I applied theentrepreneurial spirit into a product, and while I was following the schooltour, I was just learning and soaking up everything that I could about whatthey're doing in school, and mind you,...

...professionally, I always worked inschools as well, had many years working in schools and always excelled at thesepositions, working with kids like I just I'm a natural educator. And so Ijust got all these downloads for these concepts. I knew that the bully bookwas an important thing, because this was an important topic within theschools. One after the other, these books developed, and so I found anillustrator and developed and unfortunately, like I said in thebeginning, the illustrator passed away of cancer while we were making this book,series. But I knew how important this was, it like, as I started developing thisbook series, almost my life's purpose began tounfold, you know, part of my life's purpose, but I feel this is really thecornerstone in my life's purpose, to bring something positive and lifechanging to children. So if I can sustain myself and help others learnhow to sustain themselves, right? Nutritionally and holistically forgenerations to come, not only this generation, then I've done my job hereon Earth. I could I could say I left something. You know, this is, this isjust a piece of what I want to leave. But, you know, this is a body of workthat I'm really proud of. It's, it's definitely making an impact, and Ican't wait for the larger impact. Well, that's amazing. So what's been theresponse? You know, for some of the books? And what are people saying, youknow, when it comes to supporting you on this journey? I've been creatingthings my whole life. I started writing at 11 years old and was serious aboutit. I've spent hours doing that. I have songs, you know, around the world, and I used to be really into art and draw. I make, you know, I'm I'm acreator. I've never created something...

...that has this response of thesechildren's books. When I'm out in the community, like, I could have these bookson a table, just upright, so people can see them. People walk by and they double-take and take a few steps back to come back to that table and seewhat's on that table and they recognise it every single time, and this has beenfor years now. I've been pushing these books, just the six books, right? It's hardly been completed. I know what the full impact could be, andthat's why I'm just overjoyed right now. It's The 12 are about to come out. Like,these six books, people have to just take a double look literally, time andtime again. I've talked to I'm from L.A. I validated this product with SouthCentral L.A. Mainly through South Central L.A. I validated this product. Ipushed this product through the streets of South Central L.A. and time andtime again from businessmen, older women to children, educators, togangsters to hustlers to drug... anybody I present this book to, they say, "Wow!"and that's an honour, like I, I'm in awe that I get this type of response, thatchildren, time and time again, are literally changed by the time thatthey read one story, like, I'm so honoured that this type of work came throughme, you know, it's just, it's beyond me like it just really makes me proud. Andthat's what keeps me going. That's what I'm like. I can't stop. I have six morebooks that I'm getting ready to put out, and this is gonna be the most impactfulbook series that children have ever seen. That's gonna be the mostimportant it's going to be a part of, just like Dr Seuss right now is a partof children's lives. This, this book, series will be a changing point, areference point, in their childhood, you...

...know, when they started thinking aboutholistic health. But, yeah, the response is just amazing. I can't wait to see thefull response when the 12 I laid out on this is gonna take two tables to lay themout. And I can't wait to see the full response. You know, for someone who islistening to this and they were sort of looking at you and hearing this andseeing your journey, what advice can you give to someone who, who might havean idea and they want to bring it to life and have that impact? What, what advice would you give to them? What can you share? I would say, be yourbiggest fan, and if you're your biggest fan, then nothing can stop you. Becausewhatever you do, there's gonna be people that, if it's a grand idea, they'll want to steal it and you have to fight for it tooth and nail. You haveto be willing to go to court, and you have to be willing to do all of that.And I've done all of that for this product, like you have to be ready to, cos business is war. You have to be willing to lay everything down on theline for what you believe in. If you believe in something, and that's theenergy that you have to put behind what you create, It, it's literally, if it'syour creation, then it's your child, and you have to care for it as your childand raise it up and nurture it until it can grow up and be on its own. Butyou can't let that go. You can't let a baby go. If you let the baby go, thebaby's gonna get, it can't care for itself, so you have to care for ituntil it's of age and it could start walking and then it can start talkingand then it can start, you know, then you can leave it alone and sell it dowhatever you want to do with it. But if you care for it, nobody else is gonnacare for your idea but you, so you have to do everything. You can't complainabout it and you can't say, make excuses. You have to do it. Otherwise it won'tbe done. Amazing. So, Dr Pooch, what's...

...your vision when it comes to the seriesof books like, you know, what do you see being what some of the big nextsteps for you and what sort of help you might, might someone who might belistening to this might be able to offer? Yes, I'm at a really, reallycritical point. My, 100% of my focus right now is just on completing thebook series and just getting the subsequent six books ready to printwhich, it's moving along. I'm days away from that. At this point, I'm also revamping. I'vebeen getting a lot of support in revamping my social media, my website.I'll be launching a new website soon, so you know, as I'm building thismarketing campaign, everything is comes down to marketing. Everything comesdown to who knows about this product? So publicity talk shows like this orpodcasts like this. This is, these are great opportunities for me to getmy message out. That's the help that I need. I mean, we're a foundation, obviously, donations are welcome. Purchases are welcome. You can purchasefrom my website at this point or from Amazon, supporting the product and wordof mouth, spreading it out there, letting everybody know, anybody with achild, know that there is this type of material that's out there and it'llgrow organically. It has to grow. There's not a demand for it becausepeople don't know. But there is the need for it. And so that's why word ofmouth and I'll do my part to create the best marketing material that I cancreate to get my message out there. But this is just the beginning. You know,these 12 books are just the first step, like I have. I have much more to come.But if we can get these 12 books, my goal is to get them in every child'shand throughout the world, because the... is dealing with, it's a globalhealth crisis, you know. So we have to change the way that we think and thatwe do things and it's upon the next generation. It's not for me, it's notfor my own ego that I want to be, you know, the next Dr Seuss and bigger,right? They say Dr Seuss sold, like, over 600 million books, like, and hadmovies and all of these things, it's not really for me like I'm beyond, youknow? Of course. I mean, we all have ego and stuff like that. Yeah, you know,of course. But it is bigger than me. This is not about me. This is about asustainable planet. This is about the children. This is about the futuregenerations. So, yeah, if you're passionate about that, connect with myfoundation. Like I said, donations are welcome. We need publicists right now, weneed all the exposure that we can get and help us get our story out, sowe can sustain ourselves and continue making great content for kids, that'sthat's life changing. Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that Dr Pooch. Andfor anyone who is listening to this, please head over to andget yourself the series of books and you can find them on Amazon as well. Sothat's today's episode. Thank you for being here and sharing your time, DrPooch. Thank you Woon. Appreciate it. So there you go. That was Dr Pooch.What's been your biggest takeaway from this episode? Let us know in thecomments section on our social media page. If you haven't subscribed yet,please do subscribe. This will really help us grow our podcast. And if youcan think of someone that would benefit from listening to this podcast, pleasedo share it with them from quality health to heavy industry. In the nextepisode, we have Boris Gregera talk about a nation energy where he'sworking on decarbonising the battery production process. It's a superfastanything episode where he shares his practical advice from his experiencedeveloping high tech solution to an...

...emerging problem in the batteryproduction process. So tune in for next week's episode.Thank you very much for listening into the end of this episode. We reallyappreciate you. This is the Impact Goal Rush. My name is Woon Tan, and I'll see you inthe next episode.

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