Impact Goal Rush
Impact Goal Rush

Episode 21 · 5 months ago

Dr Pooch - Creator of the Get Well Johnny Books talks Holistic Health


Author of the Get Well Johnny Book series, Dr Pooch is a holistic health education expert. In this episode he talks about his journey writing and creating this series of kids education book for holistic health.

The Get Well Johnny books are a perfect way to introduce holistic health to children K-3rd grade. With childhood obesity at an all time high and diabetes a common ailment, health literacy is the best form of medicine and prevention for our children today and generations to come.

Health literacy is not taught in schools, so reading the Get Well Johnny books, children become more aware of the innate goodness of natural products. Whether at home or an academic environment, holistic health literacy reminds adults of what children inherently know: health is wealth.

Get the Get Well Johnny Books here:

Time Stamps

[1:50] Twelve children’s books that cover important health topics

[2:57] Importance of health literacy

[3:48] Lack of nutritional knowledge in mainstream health practitioners

[5:00] The underlying issues of ill health in children

[6:00] The idea behind the books and purpose

[9:29] The response to the books

[12:18] Dr Pooch’e advice for bringing ideas to life

[13:59] Vision for the book series

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