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Episode 17 · 4 days ago

Jasper Steinhausen - How a CEO can transform a business for a sustainable circular economy

Jasper Steinhausen of talks about how CEOs and Exectutives are transforming their business for a sustainable circular economy.

Episode 16 · 1 week ago

Erica Purvis - Cultivating positive impact and circular design

Sustainable Design and Business Strategist, Erica Purvis talks to us about designing for the circular economy to create postive impact. She shares how she transitioned from a career from mechanical engineering to become a business coach. Erica runs Technical Nature and works on sustainable and circular projects as well as coaching small business owners who wants to be more circular. Based in Reading, UK, Erica is passionate about local circular initiatives in her local Reading area and hosts the Circular Coffee Conversations

Connect with Erica Purvis

Technical Nature 

Circular Coffee Conversations 

Episode 15 · 2 weeks ago

Sue Jackson - How to Future Proof Your Business

Sue Jackson, cofounder of Future Proof Your Business talks about how businesses can be profitable and yet purpose driven.


  • Why she is launching the Future Proof Your Business
  • How to embed social impact into you business
  • Examples of how a local brewary business transformed into an impact driven business
  • How to work wtih Future Proof Your Business
  • Launching a podcast and recording the first episode

Also check out Anne Bland fellow cofounder of Future Proof Your Business on Episode 5 of Impact Goal Rush.

Episode 14 · 1 month ago

Will Richardson - How to be in line with net-zero target of 1.5°C with this little known initiative

Will Richardson is the CEO and founder of Green Element, a forward thinking environmental management consultancy. 

In this episode, we talk about SBTi, Science Based Target Initiative, a little known initiative that will ensure your company be inline with the net-zero target of 1.5°C. This is an important initiative for businesses small and large to become more sustainable and demonstrate you are taking climate action.

Key highlights:

  • Why businesses need to be more impact driven
  • How has the corporate sustainability evolved
  • Being a B-corp
  • What is the Science Based Targets Initiative and why do it
  • What are the 3 scopes of carbon emmisions
  • Sustainable Business Podcast by Green Element
  • What is the Green Element Academy and who is it for

Connect with Will Richardson: